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March 30, 2020 3 min read

Following on from the massive success of the Acoustasonic Telecaster that Fender launched in 2019 at the NAMM show, Fender decided it was time to take things forward by introducing a new Acoustasonic at the 2020 NAMM show. This time, the guitar took the form of the most recognisable Fender guitar shape, and possibly the most iconic guitar shape in the world, and as you know by now our absolute favourite, the Stratocaster.

The Acoustasonic Stratocaster is a hybrid acoustic/electric guitar that has a lot of features under the hood which really get’s us at Strat 54 excited. What we’re seeing here is a guitar with the potential to be a Stratocaster and an acoustic at the same time and quite frankly, we can’t wait to play one. Imagine being able to take this out to a gig and hear all those glorious tones.

The new Stratocaster model has 10 selectable voices, as opposed to the 5 found in the Telecaster version and it covers three great Strat tones (clean, semi-clean and overdriven) plus 7 acoustic tones. All this in a guitar with a 5-way switch and two knobs, sounds crazy right?

There are 7 acoustic guitar voices and 3 electric voices. The electric voices are clean, semi-clean and dirty tones mimicking a Fender Stratocaster with a range of gain levels. Here is a list of all the voices that you can find in the guitar and what each voice mimics.


  • Position 5 (Neck)
    • Blend Left: Sitka Spruce/Mahogany Dreadnought
    • Blend Right: Sitka Spruce/Rosewood Concert
  • Position 4
    • Blend Left: Sitka Spruce/Walnut Small Body Short Scale
    • Blend Right: Sitka Spruce/Mahogany Americana Dreadnought
  • Position 3
    • Blend Left: Sitka Spruce/East Indian Rosewood Dreadnought
    • Blend Right: Add internal body sensor pickup for a more responsive body tone for percussive players
  • Position 2
    • Blend Left: Englemann Spruce Indian Rosewood Dreadnought
    • Blend Right: Fender Clean Electric
  • Position 1 (Bridge)
    • Blend Left: Fender Semi-Clean Electric
    • Blend Right: Fender Dirty Electric

The guitar has three separate pickups that work in combination to create the tones on offer. An under-saddle piezo, an internal body sensor and a standard top mounted magnetic pickup. The body is made from Mahogany back and sides with a solid Sitka spruce top and the body is finished with a polyester satin matte lacquer with 5 colour options available. Personally, the Sunburst finish is my favorite but I do have a soft spot for the Sonic Blue.

The neck is a deep C profile so out of the box I think this should feel like a timeless Stratocaster. To me, on specs alone, this appeals a lot. I love Fender Stratocasters that feel like vintage models. The rounder necks always feel better in my hand and I find they offer a better command over the notes, especially if you dig in when playing!

The Acoustasonic is designed to be way more than just an acoustic. With playability being high on the priority list, Fender have even included the forearm and body contours into the design so this will feel just like your favourite Stratocaster. The smaller body shape of a Stratocaster will also reduce feedback on stage and the Fender/Fishman designed acoustic engine will cut out any unwanted noise you may encounter.

One this we love about Fender is the attention to detail they always include on their guitars. There are many high-end details in this guitar such as an intonated asymmetrical bridge, GraphTech TUSQ bridge pins and a TUSQ nut to keep the tuning tight and solid and the guitar even comes with a deluxe Fender gig-bag for getting around. That’s a lot of guitar for your money. Well, actually it’s 10 guitars for the price of one. We’re convinced! Where do we sign up?


  • Production (Available March 2020): $1999.99