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April 09, 2020 3 min read

The Stratocaster has been around multiple records for decades. Since its inception in 1954, it has garnered a reputation of being a versatile weapon of choice for any musician. Countless icons relied on the Strat to provide them the specific tone that only the single coil could provide, like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Aside from the distinct sound it produces, the Stratocaster also offered a wide selection of styles and models that allowed players to express their individualism as artists. The product boasts a variety of styles that suited the preference of their target market. From amateurs to professional gigging musicians, Fender managed to incorporate their signature style and excellent craftsmanship in just about every product they released. The signature single coil tone has helped shape generations of artists, and is responsible for producing songs rich with stories and history.

Let's take a closer look at the variety of models you can choose from.

The American Professional Stratocaster
This specific model is the perfect blend of vintage and modern, as it perfectly incorporates well-loved electronics and hardware from previously loved models. The things that make it shine the most are its versatility and compatibility to almost any music type you choose to wield it to, from blues, jazz, rock, to even metal genres. Designed by Tim Shaw, the V-mod pickups loaded on this specific Strat makes sure that your tonal output is consistent, even when switching between different pickup positions: something a lot of modern players rely heavily on during live setups and studio recording. The Deep-C neck profile on the said model also shines, as it is one of the most notable upgrades of the American Professional, along with the non-locking tremolo design.

The American Original Stratocaster
One of the models who effortlessly redefined the classics, the American Original stood out as one of the go-to instruments of players who preferred to go after that signature clean tone output that only the American Original could offer. Pure Vintage ’59 single-coils brought out a certain punch that paved its way to the music industry during the time of its discovery. The classic 5-way switching also made it possible for players to explore endless tonal possibilities. It also boasts a ’50s-era Soft “V” maple neck, perfect for that “Neon” intro hook and lick by John Mayer.

The Fender Player Series Stratocaster
This model looks no different from the previously mentioned units, but it flaunts a variety unique to its name. The Player Series takes pride in up-to-date enhancements and modifications that modern players demand, while keeping the Fender identity intact. Equipped with the recent Alnico V pickups, the tone produced with the Player Series covers much ground than ever before. It can be one of those first instruments of any individual seeking to enhance his or her skills and playing style. Another distinct feature is the tone knob coverage. Tone 1 is responsible for the neck and middle pickup, while Tone 2 takes care of the bridge pickup, giving you perfect control of your tone during live and recording situations. Hundreds of players also mentioned the neck comfort and playability.

The Fender American Performer Series Stratocaster
One of Fender’s most flexible offers, the American Performer Series has all the elements of the Strat’s iconic features. Jimi Hendrix chose this specific model countless times, as it was perfect for his style and technique. The pickups boast the world-renown Yosemite single-coils, popular to both classic and modern instrumentalists. It is also one of the models that incorporate the modern “C” profile maple neck for both comfort and style, to go along with and alder body to top it all off.
The Fender Vintera Series Stratocaster
One of Fender’s budget-friendly offerings, the Vintera series had one mission: to encapsulate the timeless tone of a ‘50s single-coil and bring it to a wider reach. This model has all the feel and vibe of a classic Strat without having to sell your favorite Star Wars toys just to own one. It features a classic V-shaped neck profile made popular in the ‘50s models. It can be one of those “first guitars” that anyone can have, and it does its job well of introducing the rich history and culture of Fender products to anyone willing to play such a masterpiece.
There’s a reason why the Strat became popular with both beginners and seasoned artists. It’s arguably the most versatile guitar available on the market. Name your tone preference, and a specific model pops up in an instant. Leo Fender contributed greatly for both musicians and listeners who got to enjoy the Stratocaster in all its entirety, and the model is still carving its name, etching into the ears and hearts of anyone who pays attention.
No matter your playing style, surely there’s a Fender Stratocaster for you.