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Post CBS Sale

Since the employees of Fender bought back the company from CBS in 1985, they have continually sought to expand what the brand offers. Upon moving to their new factory in Corona, they started rebuilding the quality that players expected. Many of the initial guitars released after CBS sold the company back to the employees of Fender were made with leftover parts from the CBS owned Fullerton plant but under the new higher quality standards.

In this era, Fender reissued two vintage Stratocaster models to revive the guitar, a 1957 spec with a one-piece maple neck and a 1962 spec, these were known as the American Vintage Reissues and are now sought after collectors grade guitars.

In 1988, Fender released their first ever signature Stratocaster for Eric Clapton. This marked a new era of artist spec models that were available for public purchase. Fender have created many signature models since Eric Clapton’s initial model kicked off the popularity of the signature guitar.

In 1987, Fender launched the American Standard Stratocaster, a workhorse Strat for a more modern player with a flatter fretboard, thinner neck and more stable tremolo unit. This model still exists in the Stratocaster line up today with Fender continuing to improve this guitar year on year and re-naming it to suit the needs of the modern player. In 2017, it became the American Professional Stratocaster with it’s C Profile neck and improved vintage voiced pickups.