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Ronnie Wood

Ronnie Wood is no stranger to the stage, and is one of those rare individuals who have music running through every vein in their body. Born in the late '40s in a small area called Hillingdon in West London, it didn’t take him long to delve into the world of music. By the mid '60s he had already started to make his mark, playing guitar in a band called The Birds. Now, it’s no secret that a guitarist of his stature has the choice of almost any guitar they desire, however there’s always one that wins the heart of the artist. In Wood’s case, it’s the elegant but sturdy Fender Stratocaster.

There is no doubt that throughout Wood’s career, he’s had the chance to noodle away on a vast array of guitars. Despite this, Wood’s favoured axe is his 1955 Fender Stratocaster in a two-tone sunburst design. This guitar is especially synonymous with his time in The Rolling Stones especially, as he has played this guitar both on stage and in recording studios more than any other. If you were to flick though a catalogue of photos of Wood on stage with the Stones, he would no doubt be sporting his Strat in most of them. His admiration for this particular guitar should come as no surprise really, as it’s been at the heart of popular music since its birth in 1954. The guitar’s unmistakable tone, combined with Wood’s unique approach have allowed for the creation of some of the most famous songs of all time. He developed this unique approach and crafted his tone the way any good artist does, with time and experience. Despite being one of the most popular figures in the world of rock ‘n’ roll, he grew up in an era where blues was the popular music at the time. This helped to shape him into the musician he became, as the rock ‘n’ roll gene laid dormant within him just waiting to be unleashed. When interviewed by Premier Guitar magazine, Wood explained that ‘the matured sound of a ‘50s Strat is more or less a stable part of my diet’ showing just how important it is in his day to day life. He went on to explain why he is particular fond of the guitar, saying that ‘they’re just very comfortable. You get that reliable sound that comes from a ‘50s amp and a 50s guitar”. The versatile guitar lends itself to almost any style of music, from clean bluesy tones to powerful, punchy rock melodies that Wood has created over the years.